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What Is Road Rage & How To Avoid It ?

What Is Road Rage & How To Avoid It ?

Road rage is simply described as angry or violent behavior expressed by road users that include car drivers and motorcycle riders. It involves all kinds of insults or ridiculous actions towards bother drivers and pedestrians usually steered by frustration or stress.  Road rage can lead to property damage, physical harm to people, collisions, and sometimes even deaths, and that’s why traffic police across the world have set-up penalties to help curb arrogant road rage incidents

Forms of Road rage – Some of the most common forms of road rage include yelling verbal insults, tail-gating, unnecessary honking, car swerving to block another vehicle, cutting off another vehicle, ramming into another vehicle, getting out of the vehicle to fight with another driver, angry gestures, throwing items at another vehicle among others.

Causes of road rage  – some of the most common road rage incidents have been caused by traffic delays, running late for a meeting or event, dent in car or motorbike, political reasons, poor car parking, habitual behavior, driving drunk or high on drugs to mention but a few.

Rent A Driver Uganda shares with you how you can avoid road rage and save money, time and lives.

  • Dont over honk or yell at driver driving slowly , keep in mind that the car may have mechanical condition or he/ she is lost and is tsill trying to figure out the right path.
  • Always avoid tailgating as this might lead to collisions , keep a good distance between the cars.
  • Dont stop and jump out of your car to confornt another driver, learn to keep cool and talk it out like adults.
  • If you cant handle heavy traffic, then learn to avoid rush hours or use other cuts to get where you are going in time and save your self from the stress that would lead to a road rage..
  • Always report a collsion or bad driving to the traffic officers , dont take matters into your own hands because it only escalates into more problems.
  • Turn the other cheek to avoid temptation of retaliating , just drive on like nothing happened.
  • Always watch your back and sides while driving always to avoid unwanted collision with vehciles , motor cycles as well as pedestrians.
  • Respect the driving speed for each road stretch.

With that in mind, we at Rent A Driver Uganda strongly advise you to avoid road rages because they yield nothing but fines, injuries, car & property destruction, mental insults and death. So be wise and do the right thing


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