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Kampala is also known as the land of Seven Hills blessed with diversity on intriguing natural and man-made tourists’ attractions. It is the capital city of Uganda and the main largest commercial town of the country. Kampala has a growing population everyday due a number of people that come to the city to transact business on daily routine. Apparently, it acts as a tourist’s hub or gateway to a many tourist’s safari destinations in Uganda.

Getting around Kampala is not an easy task. On this note, you need to rent a chauffeur driven vehicle with an exceptional drive guide who is well defined with tourists’ destinations and routes with in and around the city. Our driver guides are well trained and knowledgeable about all interesting places in Kampala. Regardless of the nature of trip in Kampala, we provide all kinds of drivers for hire at the most affordable rate.

In case you are in need of a chauffeur driven vehicle in Kampala, feel free to get in touch with our professional reservation team for a quotation. We offer a wide range of vehicles such as 4×4 station wagon vehicles like the land cruisers, saloon cars like Toyota Rav4, Omnibuses, coach and coaster buses among others.

Your car can be dropped any where in Kampala with our driver guide ready to offer unforgettable ride around this amazing city. For more information and inquiries, simply reach our friendly reservation officers by sending an email

With a name that comes from a local word meaning “rock”, Jinja is a great capital of adventureencompassing several attractions including the source of the Nile and landscapes along this river especially water falls. It is among the top destinations with lovely areas to spend a vacation. Jinja is also a busy town and was recently ranked the 3rd largest economical city in East Africa.Besides tourism, it is a highly industrialized area and this surely makes it a lively place all day. Other activities done in Jinja are agriculture and trade.

You may need a car for hire to have your work completed but remember that it is important to getquality and reliable car rental services.Mumwe safaris is at your service with well-maintained cars and professionalstaff to offer excellent customer service.

If you are around Jinja or in areas close to it and want to hire a car for adventure in the same region, there are a lot of things to do ranging from boat cruise, white water rafting, quad bike riding and city tour. And for business trips and project travelsplus visiting friends and family, you need a carand services that will make the ride smooth and memorable.Hiring a car to drive out of Jinja may requireyou to rent a driver to have a quick, insightful and relaxed trip.No matter where you are travelling to, we keep in touch and ensure you get the best of your travel needs.

In case you want to hire a car in Jinja, Eastern Uganda, simply send us an email through or make a call on +256-700135510 or +256 414-699459.We have great deals for all kinds of cars ranging fromsaloon cars, 4X4 vehicles and bigger cars like trucks and buses.

Located about 440km by roadfrom Kampala,Arua is one of the busiest commercial centers in northern Uganda and specifically the West Nile sub region. There are a number of non-governmentorganizations in this district and this calls for lots of movements to different areas. Whether it is a short or long term project, you need a good car and great car rental services and this is what we have got to offer at our car hire location in Arua.

For adventure safaris in Arua, a visit to Kei and Wati mountains is a fascinating tour for hikingand scenic viewing. For wildlife, hire a car from Arua and travel to Kidepo Valley national park or Ajai wildlife reserve where game drives, birding and nature walks reward with amazing animals such as elephants, lions, buffaloes, cheetah and antelopes plus magnificentlandscape like the Lamoj mountains. You are advised to hire a 4WD vehicles that easily maneuver through roads during such trips.

Arua also has a transport route to Juba, the capital of South Sudan. There are many lodges and hotels for restaurant and accommodationfacilities, for example Pacific Hotel, Desert Breeze and White Rhino among others. With various infrastructures including education institutions like BugemaUniversity, UCU, Muni University and many others and hospitals, Arua has greatly grown in just a few years back.

In case you want to hire a car from Arua to any part of Uganda, we are the best car hire providers at your service.Getting aroundArua and travelling out for different activities is best with a professional driver. You are avoided to rent a driver to ease you work and travel. However, if you wish to get around by yourself, there is a range of cars suitable for self drive. Get excellent car rental services by contacting us today through or call via +256-700135510 or +256 414-699459 for details and reservations.

Nick named “the land of milk and honey”, Mbarara is one of the fastest growing towns in Uganda. Not only does it welcome you with lots of milk that is still in its natural form with no preservatives added but also has a cool-warm weather great for a comfortable stay as well as farming. Located about 290 km from Kampala, Mbarara is a big commercial city with different businesses that make the town one of the most visited areas.It also produces a lot of farm products that call for transportation out of the district.

Furthermore, Mbarara has a number of natural and artificialattractions such as Lake Mburo nationalpark with numerous wildlife and lovely landscapes. Game drives, biking and nature walks are the best way to explore the park as you encounter giraffes, zebras, buffaloes and lots of antelopes. A boat cruise at Lake Mburo and a visit to rivers including Rwizi is one of the things not to be missed out. For a culturalinsight about the people of Mbarara and the Ankole region at large, you can visit the Igongo Cultural Centre.

Are you running a business that requiresyou to travel around, to or exit Mbarara to the neighboring districts or farer to otherregions? You do not have to worry about the how to get to your destination. Mumwe safaris has well maintained cars and professional drivers to help youget there in no time.It doesn’t matter which kind of car you want because we have a variety in our fleet ranging from saloon cars, 4X4 vehicles including trucks and bigger vehicles.

Since we have various rental stations in different parts of the country, you can hire a car from anywhere convenient and drop it in Mbarara. To hire a car and rent a driver in Mbarara and other locations in the Pearl of Africa, contact us today through, +256-700135510 or +256 414-699459.We offer great deals for car hire for short and long-term projects, business, safaris and weddings.

Mbale district is famous in Uganda because of the presence of Mount Elgon which is the major attraction there. The extinct volcano has the widest caldera in the whole world.Besides this magnificent attraction, Mbale is strategically located close to the border and near Tororo where cement is manufactured. The railway from Tororo to Pakwach goes through Mbale city.

The people of Mbale are very hospitable and also have a rich culture with one of the popular practices being the “Imbalu”. This is a special occasion where males bravely present themselves for circumcision. Mount Elgon national park in Mbale is a good destination for mountain climbing and also involves viewing wildlife like buffaloes, antelopes and a few primates. Nearby Mbale city is Sipi falls with a sequence of beautiful waterfalls which are worth a visit.

Lots of commercial activities are carried out around Mbale town and the town is a booming tradecentre. If you are a foreigner, it may not be easy and quick to get around Mbalebut we have professional drivers that are always ready to offer excellent chauffeur services. Locals that are familiar with the area can hire a car for self drive to most of the locations.

We offer great car rental services from Mbale to any region of Uganda and drop offs at our rental station in this same district if you hired the car from Kampala or other stations. To book for a car with Mumwe Safaris, send an email to which is answered instantly. You can alternatively call on +256-700135510 or +256 414-699459.

Kabale is also known as the “Switzerland of Uganda” due to the eye-catching terraced landscapes. Kabale is situated in the western region of Uganda and it is part of the Kigezi sub region. Its small town features a diversity of interesting attributes and services such as; the elegant hotels, banks, lodges and restaurants.

A road trip with a professional driver guide in Kabale gives you an insight to explore a diverse range of fascinating tourists’ attractions such as; Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park home to the endangered Mountain gorillas, lake Bunyonyi the most beautiful and deepest lake in Uganda. This is the main attraction in Kabale that is dotted with to numerous islands and many small bird species. A visit to the iconic lake offers you a chance to enjoy the traditional canoe experience and interact with the local people as you explore the 22 Island.

With your professional driver guide in Kabale, grab a chance to enjoy Batwa cultural encounter. The Batwa are known as the shortest people in the world. Originally, they used to live in the forest as fruit gatherers, hunters and depended their life entirely on the forest. Get an opportunity to learn more about their culture through their traditional dances and music treats among others.

Are you planning a safari, project or business road trip in Kabale?Hire with us a 4×4 safari vehicle with a professional driver. To get around Kabale you need to hire a 4WD Station Wagon Vehicle due to the rough rugged terrain that has dominated this place.  We provide a wide range of 4×4 Station Wagon Vehicles such as; the 4×4 Landcruiser cars, omnibus, coach and coaster buses among others.

To book with us a chauffeur driver guide to take you around Kabale, simply contact our reservation officers by sending an inquiry at or call us directly on +256700135510, +256414699459.

Kisoro is the main commercial and largest town in Kigezi sub region. It is situated in the western region of Uganda.Kisoro is surrounded by the districts of Kabale district in the East and Rwanda in the south. Kisoro stands in the shadow ofMount Mumfumbira peaks that is among the Virunga ranges home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas.

Kisoro is popularly known for the high production of food crops like Sorghum, sweet Potatoes, Irish Potatoes, Millet maize among others. The major economic activity in the area is farming where the local people earns their income. A tour to Kisoro takes you to the intriguing tourists’ destinations like Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park, Mutanda, Mgahinga national park housing the endangered Golden monkey species among others.

It is important not easy to move around Kisoro if you are a foreigners like tourists, therefore the best and safe way to  move around is to hire a driver and car to give you a guide around its interesting places. We also provide a wide range of 4WD vehicles hired with a professional chauffeur driver.

Are you planning a wedding car hire, business trip or safari in Kisoro and you would love to rent with us a driver guide? Simply get in touch with our professional reservation team to book you an experienced driver guide withwell-defined knowledge about the interesting places in Kisoro. We can drop your car at any nearest point close to Kisoro town.

For more information and inquiries, feel free to send us an email or call directly on +256700135510, +256414699459.

A lot of things take place in Kasese district which is located in the western part of Uganda.It booms with tourism activities in Queen Elizabeth national park, Rwenzori Mountains national park and the former processing area of cobalt in Kilembe.In case you want to be fully immersed in adventure, then this is the place to go for game drives, boat cruises and nature walks in the savannah park and a thrilling hiking experience on the Rwenzori ranges. Other activities done in Kasese district include agriculture, salt mining and trade and business for manufactured products.

Located about 360 km from Kampala, Kasese has a number ofcenters andvillages some of whichhave attracted different projects, both community and business projects. It is bordered by Fort Portal in the north, Kamwenge in the east and Rubirizi in the south. Its closeness to the border with DR Congo in the west also makes it a busy town. There are a lot of activities that may require you to hire a car in Kasese and we are at your service with quality and honesty.

Get reliable car rental services in Uganda from Mumwe safaris by making us your travel partner. You can hire a car and driver or self drive and drop it offat our car hire station in Kasese. To get the greatest of your travel needs, rent a driver to take you around Kasese and other parts of the country yet at an affordable fee. We have professional drivers that are well experienced, knowledgeable and familiar with lots of things in Uganda.

Are you organizing for a wedding or planning for a project, business or any other event that requires car hire? Get details and make bookings from our reservations team by sending an email to or make a call on +256-700135510 or +256 414-699459.

Gulu is one of the exciting places to explore in Uganda. It is surrounded by the districts of Nwoya in the south western region, Pader in the East, Amuru in the west and Lamwo in the southwest. Gulu town was made popular during the UPDF and Lord’s Resistance Army civil wars which deadly affected the region. However, this came to an end and apparently many people have returned to the indigenous home villages. On this note its now safe to travel to Gulu.

Rent a driver guide from Mumwe safaris Uganda and grab a chance to explore the amazing land of Gulu. From Kampala to Gulu town, it is about 344 kilometers by road. The town has been rehabilitated and re-established recovering from its painful scars. A city tour in Gulu town gives you a chance to encounter, Elegant Hotels, financial facilities like banks, schools, hospitals among others. Apparently, Gulu is one of those districts in Uganda with a perfect road network. It features an airport and this is the second largest in the country under the management of the Uganda Civil aviation authority, it also has a memorial stadium that hosts local matches and events. The place is an ideal destination for leisure and relaxation.

With our professional driver guide, get an insight of an exceptional tour with in and around Gulu town. To rent a driver with us, simply contact our friendly and professional reservation team by sending an inquiry at or call at +256700135510, +256414699459

Also known as a tourist hub in western Uganda, Fort Portal is one of the cleanest towns in Uganda. It is located about 290 kilometers from the Kampala capital city driving through Mbarara which is the largest city in the western region.  Upon arrival in its small town you are welcomed by the Sir Gerald Portal Monument situated on the main road.

Grab an insight to interact with Batooro people who are very welcoming and soft speaking humble people. The Town features a diverse range of infrastructures developments such as; Toro Golf Course, hospitals like Fort Portal Regional referral hospital, educational institutions like the Uganda Pentecostal University, Toro botanical gardens among others.

A lot of students and tourists do visit Fort Portal in search for knowledge and make advanced research about the coffee and banana plantations. Due to a wide range of fascinating tourists’ destinations located in with in and round Fort portal, you need to hire a chauffeur driven car with a well-trained driver guide to take you around.  We at Mumwe Safaris, we provide a wide range of professional, reliable and experienced driver guides that offer an exceptional road trip in Fort Portal at an affordable rate.

When you hire a car with us for your business meeting, tour or project in Fort Portal, we can deliver your car at any place near its town plus an experienced chauffeur driver to offer you a ride.

If you need to rent a car with Mumwe Safaris Uganda for your trip in Fort Portal, simply get in touch with our professional reservation team by sending an inquiry or call directly on +256700135510, +256414699459.

Uganda is blessed with a diversity of great natural wonders situated in the different regions of the country. Hioma is one of those places where you encounter impressive tourists’ attractions that is included on the highlights of Uganda safaris. Hoima is surrounded by the districts of Masindi in the north East, Bulisa in the north, Kibaale in the South, Kyankwanzi in the East, Ntoroko in the southwest and DR-Congo in the west across Lake Albert.

From Kampala to Hoima, it is about 230 kilometers by road. To get around the might land of Hioma, you need to hire a 4×4 safari vehicle with a professional driver guide. Here at Mumwe safaris, we pride in offering the most outstanding and exceptional drivers at a pocket friendly rate. Our drivers’ guides are well defined with knowledge about the all interesting tourists’ places and routes.

Are you planning a wedding car hire, business meeting, long term project, or a road trip adventure in Hioma?  We provide a wide range of vehicles fleet that can suit your planed car rental trip with an exceptional driver who is always ready to offer you a unique memorable experience in the Pearl of Africa. A road trip in Hoima takes you to fascinating places like Palace of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Katasiha Fort and caves, Mparo Tombs, Lake Albert, Anglican Church, Kabwoya game reserve among others.

It is important to note that your car rental can be dropped anywhere in hioma with a driver guide willing to offer you an exciting road trip in hioma of a lifetime. The chauffeur driven vehicle rate is inclusive of the driver’s charges, therefore no need to worry about the survival of the driver on your trip.

In case you need to rent a chauffeur driver guide with us, simply contact our reservation team for more information booking and inquiries by sending an email or call directly on +256700135510, +256414699459.

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