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Top 5 Benefits Of Long Term Car Rental In Uganda

Top 5 Benefits Of Long Term Car Rental In Uganda

A long term car rental is the best option for individuals or companies looking to increase employee benefit schemes, cut out the use of personal vehicles for business, or benefit from traveling in the latest car model for an extended period of months to years. Most locals and foreigners think that you’re only able to rent a car in Uganda for a shorter period which isn’t the case.

The costs of long-term car rental in Uganda have lowered over the last few years and that’s one of the reasons many businessmen and companies prefer monthly or yearly rental. Below are 5 more benefits of renting a car for long term in Uganda.

1- Heavy discounts

The price of any rental car is highly dependent on the number of rental days with prices lowering the higher the number of days. The majority of Uganda car rental companies offer huge discounts on cars rented for a month, year or more but hike prices for a week or fewer rentals. If you are looking to save money on your next business trip, then it’s a great idea to consider the long term car rental option.

2- Flexible contract terms 

One of the top benefits of long-term car rental in Uganda is that you and your business are tied to fixed terms and conditions with easy monthly payments making it easy to pre-plan for budget and costs. No need to worry about heavy penalties when you decide to cancel the agreement or return the car early.

3- 24-hour assistance

When you decide to sign a long term car rental contract with an established car hire company, you can rest assured that you will get the best support from the start throughout your contract. Whether it’s an emergency or a question about mileage – you can be guaranteed of quick response from the team even in the midnight hours.

4- Type & Make Selection

There are a variety of rental cars in Uganda of different types and years of make hence choosing one that suist your budget and personal interests aren’t that hard. However, unlike safari & leisure tourists, businessmen and companies love to hire cars of a certain type and higher year of make with those below 2010 regarded as old and outdated while newer makers are trusted and reliable. With a long term car rental contract, you get choose the latest car model for extra comfort and safety.

5- Regular servicing & maintenance

Renting a car in Uganda for long term period guarantees regular servicing and maintenance by the company as per contract terms. There is no need to worry about expenses of maintaince services like oil changing, filter replacement, tire pressure checks,  serperntine belt & wiper blade, coolant, brake pads inspection to mention but a few. The comapny will stipulate dates when car will need maintainace services based on your travel itinerary.

There a re several other benfits of long term car rental that include delivery and collection of your rental car if needed, full rental managemnet from start to finish including adminstrative paperowrk to mention but a few. If you are planning a long term car rental in Uganda this season, dont hestiutate to contact us today by sending an email to or call us now on +256-700135510n to speak with our reservations team.

Bryan Muhoozi

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