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What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Driver In Uganda?

What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Driver In Uganda?

A driver is paid and licensed to operate a vehicle transporting passengers, cargo, or both from one destination to another usually self-employed or hired by a private or government company. A driver’s top responsibility is to ensure he/she delivers passengers and cargo safely and comfortably within the specified time range. A good driver should have a valid driver’s license, punctual, well groomed  & calm, practice defensive driving, strictly abide by the traffic rules, and have adequate knowledge about the routes, destinations, and car health among other traits.

Types of Ugandan drivers

There are various types of drivers in Uganda each operating different types of vehicles suited for specific regions of the country as listed below.

  1. Chauffeur– Usually operates luxury cars and SUVs suited for business tours in the city, airport transfers and special occasions like weddings.
  2. Safari guide– This type of driver operates 4×4 off-road vehicles ideal for park tours, research projects and long-distance overland road trips in and outside Uganda.
  3. Bodaboda– These drivers operate motorcycles within all regions of Uganda but mainly within the city ideal for quick transportation around the cities and suburbs.
  4. Bus drivers– A bus driver operates 28-seater coaster buses and coaches for private and public group trips in the city and remote villages.
  5. Van drivers– These are the most common drivers in Kampala city and neighboring districts carrying up to 14 passengers on specific routes and destinations.
  6. Truck drivers– Also known as a lorry driver, this driver type operates a heavy-duty truck carrying huge cargo on long-distance trips within Uganda and across borders.

Factors that affect the hire price of a driver in Uganda.

The cost of hiring a driver in Uganda hugely depends on several factors that can either lead to an increase or decrease in the final price as explained below;

1- Rental car type– A driver who operates a 4×4 safari car, minivan, bus or luxury car in Uganda is more expensive than one who drives a sedan, SUV, CUV or hatchback.

2- Destination to visit – A driver who operates within the city and suburbs is much cheaper than one who travels up-country to remote destinations including parks and villages.

3- Age & Experience– The number of years a driver has been on the road also affects the cost of a driver in Uganda with those with vast experience having a higher price tag.

4- Travel season – The best time to visit Uganda is during the two dry seasons between June to August and December to February and this is when the hire price of a driver hikes and lowers during the rainy season.

5- Driver reviews-  A highly revered driver will always have good reviews written about them on Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google, Twitter or the company websites. Such a driver is highly priced than one with little or no reviews from past clients.

Cost of a Driver in Uganda

The average cost of driver in Uganda is US$ 20 per day for trips within the city & suburbs and US$ 40 to 50 per day for long-distance up-country trips to the national parks and remote destinations of Uganda. The driver hire price excludes fuel but covers the driver’s expenses including meals and accommodation during the road trip.

Are you planning to hire a driver in Uganda for a guided road trip within the cities; suburbs, national parks and other remote destinations, we at Mumwe Global Safaris will be more than delighted to offer you our services getting you a driver that fits your budget as well as interests so you can enjoy a safe, comfortable and informative road trip in Ugnda.

You can contact us today by sending an email to or call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with our reservations team.

Bryan Muhoozi

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