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5 Common Types Of Proffesional Drivers In Uganda

5 Common Types Of Proffesional Drivers In Uganda

A professional driver is a person who drives a motor vehicle for a living to transport people, cargo or both from one destination to another at a specified fee. A professional driver ensures you enjoy a safe and comfortable road trip whether it’s a private or public vehicle. He/she is friendly, reliable, calm, practices safe driving, and strictly follows the traffic rules hence a passenger will always be assured of getting where they are going safely and arriving on time.

There are a variety of professional drivers in Uganda each operating different types of vehicles including motor cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, boats, ships airplanes and trains. Are you looking for a driver to hire for a specific road trip in Uganda, we are glad to present to you 5 of the most common types of professional drivers available for hire in Uganda.

tour guided Herbert 1- Tour guide driver – A tourist or safari guide driver is a professional who offers assistance and provides information about culture, history and wildlife on an organized sightseeing trip in a four-wheel drive car or boat. This type of driver is very common with tourists planning to explore the national parks and popular attractions of Uganda on a guided safari adventure. These driver-guides have adequate information about the top tourist attractions and the best routes to get there.

2- Chauffeur – A chauffeur is paid to drive a motor vehicle especially a luxury car like a limousine, SUV or sedan. They are normally hired for special occasions like weddings, VIP business trips and airport transfers but can also be hired for inner city & suburb road trips which is the case for Uber & SafeCar Uganda. A chauffeur’s top qualities include friendliness, being well-groomed, calmness and punctuality.

3- Motorcycle drivers – One of the most common types of drivers in Uganda are the motorcyclists popularly known as boda boda– a term which was added to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary. Boda boda motorcyclists are widely known for their poor driving and recklessness but all that changed when SafeBoda was introduced. SafeBoda only uses registered drivers offering a platform to easily access a boda bod within your vicinity to take you to any destination of your choice at a discount price which you can pay in person or using the app.

4- Bus drivers –  A bus driver or operator is a person paid to drive a bus from one bus station or stop to another. There are a variety of buses in Uganda including minibusses (Toyota & Mitsubishi Coaster) and coaches with the former carrying up to 30 people while the former can accommodate up to 100 people comfortably. Bus drivers have s special license and are well trained to drive very long distnces in some of the most remote regions of Uganda and across borders.

5- Truck driverCommonly referred to as a trucker or lorry driver in Uganda, this type of professional driver is paid to drive a truck containing heavy or large cargo usually on a long-distance road trip within the country or across borders. Truck drivers are hired by big companies or industries to transport finished goods or raw materials to manufacturing plants, construction projects, distribution, and retail centers

There are a variety of other professional drivers in Uganda including Pilots, ship captains and train drivers to mention but a few but the above 5 are the most common drivers you will find in any location within Uganda. Rent A Driver Uganda specializes in hiring out well-trained Ugandan drivers and cars for all types of road trips including safaris, business trips, weddings, airport transfers and leisure holidays.

To rent a car and driver in Uganda today, simply contact us now by sending an email to or call us now on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.

Bryan Muhoozi  

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