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Things To Check On A Rental Car Before Driving Off

Things To Check On A Rental Car Before Driving Off

After booking your favorite rental car, we argue you to get familiar with all aspects of the vehicle before you set off for road trip. Below are some of the things you need to check out on your rental car to avoid unplanned inconvenience on your safari;


Thoroughly check the lights, door handles, wipers and windows

It is good discipline to take courtesy and checks these attributes whether they are in a good condition. Inspect to see if the lights are working, if the windows open and close well, if the AC is functioning and it the wipers are in a good condition.


Inspect the exterior carefully

We argue you to take some time, walk around the exterior of your rental car, see if there is no damages. And incase you find any issues with the exterior, ensure that your car rental agent notes it down on their vehicle checklist sheet before you set off for Journey. Some of the small things you can find on the car body are the scratches, chips, dents among others damages.


What type of fuel does the car consume

When booking your rental car, feel free to inquire from the reservation team and know which type of fuel does your rental car take. It helps you to have a perfect option of the car you need to use on your road trip. To confirm the type of fuel, don’t hesitate to open the fuel lid and check.


Test the navigation system

If you are hiring a car with a GPS, it is important to acquire enough knowledge of how to use it, say for example how to set language, also feel free to ask your car rental company how to operate the GPS incase you don’t know. And if you find the car with a GPS, browse your google app to download a google map which can be of help when you are trying to find direction or routing to a given destination.

Investigate if the tyres are safe and seasonally fitting

We argue all travelers to take some moment and check the tyre for the depth of the tread, it should not be less than 1.5mm or worse. If there are issues with the car, we advise that you should not set off before the tyres are fixed by your rental agent.


Get familiar with the dashboard

Get to the dashboard and know which gauge is for speed, for the tachometer and for fuel. We also advise you to check how the temperature gauge reads the temperature and if it has warming lights.

To make you trip fascinating and memorable, we advise you to first check on the  above mentioned key factors before you set off and confirm by yourself that the car is in a good working condition. And if you are looking for a reliable rental car for hire this season, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our travel experts, send an email on or call us directly on +256-700135510/ +256-414699459 to speak directly to our customer care personnel.


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