Kisoro District is found in the western region of Uganda approximately 43km(27mi) by road western Uganda. Time travel is 6-7 hours from Kampala.
It is the largest town in kigezi sub-region, located under the peaks of Mufumbira mountains which are part of mountain Viruga also known as home of the gorillas.
Kisoro is the nearest town to Mgahinga national park and the nearest town for those taking safaris to Rwanda or Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) for gorilla expeditions in the national parks volcanoes.
According to the  National population census of 2014 the population of Kisoro is 281,705 people.
The district is populated by the Kiga people who are halfway Kiga and rumbira. Other tribes found within are Bafumbira who are a make up of  Hutu, Tutsi and Twa which are similar to Kinyarwanda tribe.

Economic Activities practiced in Kisoro are;
Agriculture; This is the main activity exercised at a subsistence level and crops grown are, maize, sorghum, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, onions, tomatoes and cabbage.
Livestock; Its also practiced at a subsistence level and mainly well-off people are the ones with huge cattle farms.

Kisoro is blessed with stunning tourism attractions, these include;
Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park, which is a home of mountain gorillas.
Mgahinga gorilla national park,  which also harbors mountain gorillas and covers 3 of 8 virunga volcano, Gahinga, Muhabura and Sabyinyo which all lie on Uganda-Rwanda boarder.

The climate in kisoro is warm with  average annual temperature being 17.2ºC and the average annual rainfall being 1368mm. contact

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