Gulu translated as (Pot) is a city in northern Uganda- Acholi sub region, the district is 340km (210mi) by road from Kampala. It takes 6-7 hours drive from kampala to gulu. Gulu has an airport and a railway line which runs from tororo to gulu to juba to improve trade.
The inhabitants in gulu are mainly acholi people and the language spoken most is luo plus other languages like Swahili, English, and luganda, Christianity and Islam are the main regions in the area.
The economic activity in gulu is subsistence farming, crops grown include; cassava, cow Pease, potatoes, beans, simsim, millet and sun flower. Fishing is done on the western district in river nile.
Tourism attractions in Gulu are headed by,
 Murchison falls national park which is the biggest game reserve in northern Uganda, it covers 4000sq km and activities done in the park are; Launch trips, game viewing, forest walks in Rabongo forest and spot fishing, bird watching, wildlife viewing like lions, elephants, buffalos, kobs, crocodiles, monkeys and giraffes.
Sir Samuel bakers fort at patiko, which was constructed for slave collection.
Amoro hot springs, they cover an area about 100sq km and it’s the  largest in northern Uganda.
Karuma falls, they are found in gulu and eastern part of Apac district, The government of Uganda is constructing an Electric dam.
Tochi resort beach, it has a low lying sandy bank on river Tochi and its an attraction for excursions, camping and banders.
Guruguru caves, these caves were constructed for safe hidings during the Lamogi rebellion, these historical inter clan wars happened among the luos.
Atiak colobus monkeys which exist in the atiak forest reserve near Albert nile.
Monument to children abducted by the LRA rebels. This is a rememberence of children abducted by the Lord Resistence Army into child soldiers and others died in the war.
Hotels and catering; Gulu has classic hotels like: Paraa safari lodge, acholi ber country hotel, KSP hotel, Acholi inn hotel, Golden peace hotel, Sunset hotel, Bomah hotel and many more.
The climate in Gulu is tropical wet and dry with an average temperatures which are always high from November –February, and the rainy season is usually seen between April-October. January is the driest . contact

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